We don't like to brag (that's a lie, obviously) but our data-driven insights based on the online behavior of more than 1 million Danish fans and followers combined with cultural and anthropological understanding of our influencers and audiences translate into a unique ability to create engaging content and prizewinning campaigns for our clients.


No matter which entertainment format you are looking for we have the creator profile for you. Some of our creators are huge pranksters and some are natural born comedians. All our stars excel at making engaging content in a brand-safe environment. Check out Alexander Husum, who is the King of Danish YouTube, for an introduction to this hilarious world .

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Fashion and beauty

We unite brands, creators and those bewitched by style and fashion. Our creators provide inspiration, are aspirational and are enjoyed by the every-girl and it-girls everywhere. Our fashion creators are passionate about delivering originality to their audiences through hauls, tutorials and look-books ( Astrid Olsen was first, check her out, she is fabulous ) that embrace their unique voice and perspectives.

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Many of our creators are very active within the lifestyle category. They provide wonderful and engaging content for the audience for both women and men. Many of them uses daily vlogs and Q&A and tell about how their daily work are and what’s going on their lives. Click here to meet Emilie Briting who run an amazing lifestyle channel .

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In Gonzo, we love gaming. We started writing about it before the Dawn of Time, before the ‘YouTube’ was even a thing. Today it’s all about hilarious gaming videos, about the massive difference between gaming and being a gamer. It is something we hold sacred. It is the spirit between every GG and the guilty pleasure of watching our YouTube creators t-bag each other live on Twitch and YouTube and in their many inventive let’s play videos. Check out Triergaming for a peek into this world .

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We drive success for creators producing the videos kids love and parents trust. With Gonzo Media you can connect with the biggest names in kids and family entertainment online, across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Our channels comprise the most beloved children’s universes on Danish YouTube among kids. An absolute jewel in our line-up is Robinsamse. The couple behind the Robinsamse channel have created an imaginary world, based on Minecraft and Japanese Manga culture, which attracts more than 200,000 Danish kids each month who faithfully follow the shenanigans. When Robinsamse make a call to action, the audience listens. When Robinsamse make a call to action, the audience listens
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The 10-13 year olds are the future SoMe generation. They are honestly the most difficult audience to engage but we have solved the enigma. We don’t even know where to start so you need to contact us if you want to get the key for this puzzle. Benny_1 is great to engage with the tweens.

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The 14-19 year olds are notoriously difficult to engage. We have a broad catalogue of creators who has a significantly reach into this target group and excel in creating engaging video content for them so they not only engage but also take action. Anna Briand is a good example of a creator who can interact with this target group.
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Women & men 20-30 year olds

Men and women between 20-30 year olds within cross-platform and creator marketing are for many the promised land. Through our Gonzo Academy we have engaged with some of the biggest Nordic superstars within this target group and they are experts within creating content which works for these consumers.

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What about the rest?

Let’s wrap it up – the lady in the picture is 30+ and we know where she lives so we can help you reach those as well.

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Meet our fantastic platforms where we engage with our audience each day

YouTube management

We manage the best and most renowned Danish creators in the video space. Our talent portfolio is chosen for their ability as storytellers and expert video makers. The numbers are impressive: each month 1,100,000 unique people (mostly 10-25 years old – Denmark only) view somewhere between 25 and 40 million videos. With a catalogue of some 15,000 videos to chose from, there’s something for everyone: lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and gaming.
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We call it an online content community. Our philosophy is feed-first (mobile of course). The content, which is short-form, always both text and video, is made to thrive in a culture where a 3-second audition is what stands between success and failure in social media. The audience, which count more than 500,000 monthly readers (Denmark), are men, aged 18-45, who have an interest in popular culture and gaming. It is ad free – of course – and you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
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Denmark’ biggest (and only, truth be told) YouTube Festival where fans and YouTube stars meet up for panel discussions, live shows and gaming. For three days and two nights, the lines between online and offline blurs and become the #GG feeling, as our fans call it. It is more than an offline event with 2,500 people attending: We live stream the fun and games to 90,000 people who watch us from home on all major streaming platforms. The festival take place three times a year in different premium venues all over Denmark.
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