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Are you good enough




Gamers are competitive people. That goes without saying. But over the last few years, the bullying in online gaming has become an increasingly serious problem.

Studies from Ditch The Label – the world's largest anti-bullying support hub – finds that more than 1 in 2 gamers have experienced bullying in an online game. A whole 57% have been bullied and just as many have experienced hate speech. In addition, more than 64% have been trolled - malicious intimidation where one wants to intentionally annoy and obstruct.

In other words, the toxic tone ruins the experience. "Raging", as it is called, means that many completely opt out of online games because of the tone, and according to Ditch The Label's survey, 46% have either left a game or considered it as a result of bullying.

The campaign was therefore based on the insight that there is need for a reminder for the young gamers to behave and fight against bullying.


Lenovo and Gonzo Media wanted to tell the young gamers: talk nicely. To remember to not just be good gamers, but also a good person, making gaming a cool experience for all parties.
And what better way to show that “rage” is a problem in gaming than show it by testing the tempers of some of the most popular gaming YouTubers in Denmark.

Therefore, Lenovo and Gonzo Media decided to prank 5 popular YouTube influencers under the heading "Are you good enough?" – referring as much to gaming skills as to good behaviour.

The prank was the central element in a cross-platform campaign: involving on the day a complicated setup where the YouTubers were pranked – and simultaneously (and unknown to them) the prank was livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube on the platforms of the 2 most popular gaming livestreams in Denmark – PixelTV and IZIPIZI.

The setting was an empty and dark arena, where a spotlight lit up a spot in the center, where two gaming stations were placed in front of each other.
In the prank, the gaming influencers were introduced to a young fan – Anna – and told they were playing Counter-Strike against her, because she had won a competition.
In reality, she was an actor – and they were really playing against a Danish Counter-Strike champion, who was sitting in a next-door room.

Struggling to keep composure, the YouTubers were soundly defeated by the professional gamer – resulting in immediate excuses from the sore losers of mouse problems, arm injuries, bad lighting etc. And not until after feeling cheated out of a prize, did the YouTubers learn of the prank, when they were introduced to their secret opponent in a livestream show, where the hosts – in addition to commenting on the matches – where talking to the contestants about the toxic tone in gaming.

The prank not only gave the YouTubers a surprise – although they behaved well despite the unexpected resistance – but it was also an opportunity to discuss the toxic tone of gaming that they have regularly been exposed to. After the event, they therefore posted native posts on each of their YouTube and Instagram profiles, talking about how raging and bullying is a problem in gaming, sharing their personal stories and encouraging the viewers to share their own stories in the comments. The viewers commenting with their own stories also participated in a competition for one of the new Lenovo laptops.

However, the prank was not only livestreamed – it was also filmed. And to capture the unique and lively style of YouTube, Gonzo Media hired three professional YouTubers to be the film crew and edit the video afterwards. This means that the style of the video fits perfectly with the flow known from YouTube. And moreover, the voice-over for the video was done by the most popular YouTuber in Denmark – Alexander Husum.

This meant the video in itself was a YouTube product through and through, and immediately well-received by the young Danish gamers.

Campaign results

+100,000 engagements
+2,000 signups to Lenovo’s Facebook and Instagram pages

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Martin Wiinholt
CEO of Gonzo Media