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Børns Vilkår og Tryg Fonden


Even though many young Danish teens struggle with bullying and abuse every day, the awareness of the call-in counselling service, “Børnetelefonen”, is very low.

The childrens’ humanitarian organisation “Børns Vilkår” have been offering the free service “Børnetelefonen” for struggling teens for more than 30 years. A few years ago, they also introduced an online version of the service – but unfortunately the awareness remained low among the teen audience.

One of the reasons for the low awareness is a reliance on TV and print advertising towards the teens. But the young audience are no longer present on these channels.

Consequently, “Børnetelefonen” approached Gonzo Media to create a campaign, which created high awareness and engagement among the teens by using influencers, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Together with “Børns Vilkår”, Gonzo Media developed a video concept with the two popular influencers Emilie Briting and Alexander Vraa. The two share an audience with a high overlap across the key target demographic for the campaign.

Furthermore, we knew that both influencers would be ideal in sharing personal stories combined with the messages at eye level – thus talking WITH the young teens rather than AT them (which was a key requirement to succeed for the campaign).

The influencers created YouTube collab videos, where they communicated and interacted with the audience through the digital platform of “Børnetelefonen” as well Instagram and Facebook, in order for them to deal with actual struggles of the teenagers. A great deal of the content took starting point in Q&A’s, which then led to personal stories by two influencers.

In order to prolong a significant long-tail effect for the main YouTube videos, Gonzo Media simultaneously executed a strategic media campaign around the campaign, exposing the target audience with compelling and comforting messages from the videos, thereby establishing “Børnetelefonen” as a strong support for anyone feeling alone with their teenage challenges.

Campaign results

Views: +381.000 (+200 % above budget)
Engagements: +40 % above budget
Like ratio: 97% (+2 % above budget)
View through rate: 63% (+35 % above budget)
Click to website: +19.000
CPV: ended (21 % below budget)

Involved creators

Emilie Briting, Alexander Vraa

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CEO of Gonzo Media