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When UIP collaborated with Anna Briand and Gonzo Media, the goal was to create a different buzz around the new Transformers spin-off – Bumblebee. All of the Transformers movies have been heavy on the action, special effects and always with a strong male lead. This time the tables turned and Bumblebee featured a strong and cool female lead, played by Hailee Steinfeld. UIP wished to target all the strong and cool girls – and also communicate that the Transformers universe isn’t only for boys. The new movie wasn’t based on the action and huge explosions, but a lot of feelings, the relationship between Bumblebee and the young girl – and an ignorant government trying to rip them apart. Some fans have called it” a modern version of E.T”.

Anna Briand, who is a strong, cool and modern female was chosen for this campaign and not only is she a role model for all young girls out there, but she also looks like Hailee and loves cars just as much as the character in the movie. A perfect match.


Anna was handed the trailer and UIP managed to get their hands on an exact replica of the yellow Bettle from the movie, which Anna had for a day – and she fell in love right away. Anna recreated several scenes from the trailer and combined them with the original shots. In the middle of the video she told her fans about the competition where they could win tickets for a special event with her including goodie bags, food, drinks and a private screening of the movie.

In the end of her YouTube video she showed her fans all the bloopers and outtakes from her day with Bumblebee (the Beetle) and in the comments on the video, it was clear that the fans loved it! On Instagram, she posted pictures in her 80’s outfit, together with Bumblebee and teased the release of the video.

The video was supported by a media campaign, which told all Annas fans about the video and also used re-targeting to tell all the cool girls on YouTube that a new amazing movie was out and that Transformers isn’t only for boys.

Campaign results

The YouTube video was viewed more than 78.900 times and more than 470 fans participated in the competition for the event.

A huge number of fans commented on her video applauding her hilarious bloopers. On Instagram, her picture got more than 22.000 likes.

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