51 %
above budget click-through-rate
15 %
above budget impressions
18 %
below budget CPM
27 %
above budget view-through-rate


Discovery PVN


Discovery Networks


Discovery Networks offer several different products for advertisers – one of these products are the Premium Video Network (PVN). Through this, advertisers can book video campaigns through the network websites towards a premium target group.

Discovery Networks has a very strict policy regarding which websites can be a part of the network, which means that they in some periods are very sensitive towards seasonal variance due to lower website traffic in the market.

The challenge they gave Gonzo Media was, whether it is possible to use controlled inventory on YouTube to remove some of this sensitivity, as it puts a cap on sales.


Gonzo Media introduced Discovery Networks to our methods of distributing digital ads through a tailored whitelisting inventory in a controlled environment. This meant that the ads were only showed on channels and videos with approved content, corresponding to the strict set of rules for the PVN. This also meant that demographic selection was still possible, but without making the campaigns sensitive towards seasonal fluctuation.

Typically, in-stream ads on YouTube run via a CPV model, but for this project Gonzo Media converted the procedure into a fixed CPM model instead, which enabled a flexible but coherent link with the booking procedures of the PVN, while still providing access to a wider audience.

Furthermore, PVN only offers non-skippable ads, which is inconsistent with how people usually consume content on YouTube. Despite this, we were still able to deliver a view-through-rate significantly above budget and surpassing the KPIs of the PVN.

Campaign results

Impressions: ended 15 % above budget
CPM: ended 18 % below budget
View-through-rate: ended 27 % above budget
Click-through-rate: ended 51 % above budget

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