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Flying Tiger Copenhagen Halloween Campaign


Flying Tiger Copenhagen


Flying Tiger Copenhagen is known and loved for their many different products – including many items encouraging creativity and entertainment for children. The overall objective was thus a DIY campaign for the Fall season.

But Flying Tiger Copenhagen faced a challenge: How do you approach digital marketing – when there is no webshop to direct traffic to – and the ambition with the marketing efforts therefore is to direct traffic to the 75 Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores in Denmark instead.

That provides a line of strategic and practical challenges – because it takes something else to entice parents to go to a store than it does for their children. Similarly, it was important to come up with something, which made it worth their trip.
The objective for Gonzo Media was therefore to come up with a spooky/cozy Halloween activation for children in the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores in Denmark – but with a digital marketing campaign.

And finally – ideally the campaign would drive not only traffic to the stores, but also sales.

Gonzo Media therefore teamed up with the YouTube star Samrita from the popular children’s channel Robin & Samrita, and utilize her unique drawing skills to do an involving DIY campaign.


As mentioned, Robin & Samrita are known for the imaginative and family-friendly universe on their channel. But Samrita is also a talented cartoonist.

Therefore, Gonzo Media designed a campaign for Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which consisted of three simple steps:
1: Samrita designed a Halloween-inspired drawing of a flying tiger together with Robin and Samrita in the cartoon-universe, which the audience know from their channel. And filmed it.
The drawing was the main theme in a YouTube video, which was posted a few days before Halloween. In it, the couple told their viewers that the autographed drawing could be picked up in all of the 75 Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores from Friday the 13th. A version could also be downloaded from the company website – but without the autograph.
For Friday 13th we had therefore distributed 15,300 drawings to the stores all over the country, distributed according to number of customers.

2: Gonzo Media edited the video down to a set of pre-roll-ads: one designed for the children, and another designed for the parents. Both pre-rolls were distributed via Gonzo Media’s retargeting lists, thus ensuring effective reach in the target group among children, who know RobinSamse, and at a significantly lower cost-per-view than market standards. Specifically 25 pct. below market standard.
For the children, the ads referred viewers to Samrita’s video, where they saw Samrita make the drawing and telling about how it is available in stores, while for the parents, a strategic bumper ad – which fits - better with the adult user flow on YouTube – presented the drawing as good entertainment for the children in the fall vacation.

3: After inviting viewers to pick up the drawing in the first video, and parents and children across the country could pick up the store in the local Flying Tiger Copenhagen store, the couple posted a second video, where Samrita coloured it and invited viewers to colour it with her.
In the video, she gave unique tips for colouring about shadow effects etc. – but for the colouring she also recommended the markers, she was using, which could be bought in the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores.

Campaign results


+545.000 impressions

+170% increase in sales

Involved creators

Robin & Samrita

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