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Oister is a Danish mobile telephone operator offering cheap and simple services tailored towards a younger customer segment.

Oister faced a challenge connecting with the young audience through traditional TV commercials, which didn’t generate sufficient engagement and reach among its preferred customer segment. While the brand successfully ran commercials in cinemas in a musical and movie-inspired universe, the young customers did not engage with the brand online.

Based on this they wanted to take, what they knew worked from cinemas and integrate with YouTube influencer marketing. Therefore, they asked Gonzo Media to develop and execute a campaign on YouTube with Alexander Husum.


Gonzo Media created a comedy vlogging concept with Alexander Husum – one of the most popular stars on Danish YouTube, where the life-sized mascots from Oister (Seagull, Oyster and Crabb) visited and subsequently chased Alexander Husum.

The videos provided a setting to introduce the offers of Oister in an entertaining universe, where the offerings where less customer deals and more brand personality.

In total, Alexander Husum created three YouTube videos – two for his main channel and one for his second channel. In parallel with the videos, he also made three posts for Instagram and Snapchat each, where the mascots were given personality traits, which connected well with the audience – without “overselling” any brand offerings.

The result was an engaging campaign, where the brand was successfully integrated in popular YouTube format, while retaining the familiar universe from the cinema commercials.

Campaign results

Views: +611.900 (76% above budget)
View rate: +30 % above budget
Like ratio: 99 % (+20 % above budget)
Engagement rate: +6 % above budget

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Alexander Husum

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