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Hendrick’s Gin


Hendrick’s Gin is one of the most popular gin brands in the World. Consequently, the brand has its very own international Gin & Tonic Day – named “World Cucumber Day”.

In Denmark, the brand is represented by the leading distributor, Hans Just – who were put in charge of the physical and digital execution of the World Cucumber Day campaign in the Danish market.

The campaign demographic was based on previously gathered insights and existing knowledge about the target group.

Many of these insights have been gathered in collaboration with Gonzo Media, and we were therefore given the task of executing the digital activities in Denmark.

Hendrick’s Gin created a range of different global video assets, but while strong creative assets, they didn’t know in advance, which would work well with the Danish target audience.

The mission was therefore to create high reach in two primary target audiences: customers who already have adopted the brand and potential new customers. Combined with the reach, Hendrick’s Gin also needed to know which videos worked well and which didn’t.

And not least – it was imperative to make the most of the budget and use it to focus reach in the most relevant target groups and at the most relevant times of day.


Gonzo Media created a strategic media plan for Facebook and YouTube focused on catching the two target audiences in moments, where they would be most susceptible to feel like a Gin & Tonic.

Consequently, all campaign activities where scheduled from Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening, thus focusing only on the hours, where the audiences were most like to contemplate having a drink.

A/B testing were incorporated into the campaign from the beginning to make sure we could measure, which videos work and which didn’t.

Additionally, in order to ensure catching the right moments interests and affinities were built into the campaign, as we knew from earlier campaigns, that this provides the campaign with stronger traction. Furthermore, several placement strategies have been tested – e.g. horticulture (because of the attention to cucumbers in the campaign).

Both adopters and potential new customer responded equally well in the campaign, and the campaign reach was significantly over budget, thus proving the concept in the target audience and the strength of the media planning.

Campaign results

Impressions: +3.700.000 (+19 % vs. budget)
Views: +1.100.000 (+24 % vs. budget)
CPV: 23 % below budget

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Martin Wiinholt
CEO of Gonzo Media