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Lenovo’s goal for this campaign was to create an involving lifestyle campaign in an already crowded market and establish the brand as a voice of reason and good – with focus on the Lenovo Yoga series: a line of high-end and high-performance lifestyle laptops.
The Lenovo Yoga products are innovative for their groundbreaking effortlessly flexible design – a sleek look and powerful performance. A computer that is suitable for many different target audiences.
The objective was to create an engaging campaign. As Lenovo is only concerned with engagement – not reach – in terms of KPI’s, it was vital that the campaign activities should provide the target group with great value.
Consequently, an objective from the outset was to establish a value-adding and emotion-based campaign for Lenovo Yoga.
However, many consumers today are hard to connect with. They surround themselves with brands, but they set high demands to the brands they take in and they easily distinguish between non-commercial and branded collaborations. Hence, for this campaign we wanted Lenovo Yoga and the yoga lifestyle to have more in common than flexibility. We wanted to talk values. Yoga is also about a flexible mindset, an openness and learning new things in life – no matter how old you are.


If you want to sell computers to the consumers of today, you must talk values and build a loyalty and trust-based relationship. You need connect with them – not just promote a product. Brands that are remembered will win; everyone else just gets filtered off in the clutter of social media.
Gonzo Media and Lenovo set out with a desire to combine the Lenovo Yoga series with the yoga lifestyle.
Yoga is about so much more than physicals positions. First and foremost, it is a state of mind and a way of living. It is about a flexible mindset and outlook and learning new things in life.
The campaign was based on two insights: 1) on average, children ask more than 100 questions a day, whereas, adults ask an average of 6. As people get older, their curiosity fades. 2) One of the biggest regrets people have on their deathbed is not pursuing their dreams and not having the courage to live a life true to themselves.
Gonzo Media and Lenovo wanted to challenge this way of thinking and revive the curiosity of the Danes and encourage them to learn from each other – introducing “Re-learn Life”.

The campaign kickstarted with a video that had a humoristic and emotional vibe, where we gathered six different people with different backgrounds and ages and had them tell their stories and share their life learnings.

To further encourage learning, we built a campaign subsite – a Yoga universe – where we provided them with the possibility to share their individual stories, experiences and skills to help others in so-called “Yoga Classes”.

The video and content created around the participants was pushed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, Fredrik Trudslev, Simone Tajmer and a couple of other popular Danish influencers created content for their own channels as well as for the Re-learn Life subsite, where they shared their stories on how to deal with different issues such as divorce, starting your own business, building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Finally, we wanted to create meaningful engagements and stay true to the nature of the yoga lifestyle and make a difference. Therefore, we had Lenovo team up with the charity Børns Voksenvenner, which donates Lenovo computers to needing children to provide them with the possibility to keep learning and staying curious.

Campaign results

+60.700 engagements
Cost per engagement 10,19 DKK

Involved creators

Fredrik Trudslev, Simone Tajmer

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