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MobilePay Christmas Campaign




How do you get more young people to use MobilePay as a payment method when making a purchase in a store? That was the question MobilePay presented for the Advertising Agency Marketsquare and Gonzo Media. Together, we developed the following campaign.


Everyone knows it takes a certain amount of times to form a new habit. The idea behind our concept was therefore to find a way to make MobilePay an attractive payment method for the younger generation, in order to get them to use it frequently enough to break their old habit of paying by credit card only.

Christmas was an obvious occasion to run the campaign with the increased transactions caused by Christmas shopping.

In order to get people to change their behavior, we gave them the opportunity to support a good cause solely by changing their payment-method.

During the month of December, MobilePay donated 0,10 DKK to Danish Christmas Help / Julehjælpen every time a transaction was completed in a store.

That made young people all over the country feel they could contribute and make a difference for families that do not have the resources to celebrate Christmas, by breaking a habit that cost them nothing to change.

To communicate the honorable message, Gonzo Media selected four ambassadors for the campaign.

We put together two great teams of YouTubers and together they created 4 videos – one for each of their channels.

The first team was Emilie Briting and Fredrik Trudslev; Together they discussed their personal take on Christmas traditions and Christmas in a divided family, reminding their viewers that everyone deserves to celebrate Christmas - regardless of your background or family-situation.

With the second team – consisting of Alexander Husum and Gex – we took a more entertaining approach and created a hilarious Christmas cooking video as well as a surprise video, where they surprised fans on the video-chat app Omegle dressed up in Christmas costumes.

Along with the branded entertainment videos, we carried out a pre-roll campaign based on the four videos and targeted them specifically towards the audience that had already seen the main videos to reinforce the message.

Campaign results

In two and half weeks the campaign contributed with 400.000 DKK,- to Danish Christmas Help / Julehjælpen.

The branded entertainment (counting both YouTube and Instagram) generated a total of 709.172 views – 45% over our campaign goal of 486.400 views.

Meanwhile, the media-campaign – consisting of four different pre-rolls – generated 1.463.858 impressions and 397.831 views, which was - respectively – 9,79% and 19,36% over the campaign goal of 1.333.300 impressions and 333.300 views.

The average pre-roll view rate ended at 27,09%, which is 8,36% over our estimated view rate at 25% and Google’s at 15%

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Martin Wiinholt
CEO of Gonzo Media