above estimated SoMe KPI
above estimated YouTube KPI


Sony Xperia XZ2




Sony Mobile was launching their next flagship phone Xperia XZ2 and wanted to connect with a younger segment, people from 15-30, and be in top of their minds when choosing their next phone.

The mission was to increase awareness about the launch of Xperia XZ2 and create fun but also informative content about the phones unique features and cutting edge technology.


To ensure a broad and diverse content spread Gonzo chose to use 3 very different creators; gaming expert Lasse Vestergaard, entertainment and tech lover Jaxstyle and food and entertainment veteran Benny_1.

Each was given a different mission, but all with the same goal in mind: Making the XZ2 the next hot thing among their audience by testing and showing the phone’s unique features such as super-slowmotion, 3D scanning and dynamic vibrations – all filmed with the phones full HD camera.

This approach resulted in 4 YouTube videos, 1 marathon stream on Twitch and lots of engaging Instagram posts.

The campaigns results were staggering and ended with +323%, than estimated, views on YouTube. This goes to show that being creative with a product can really draw in an audience and spread the message of your brand further than you could ever anticipate.

Campaign results

+323% above estimated YouTube KPI
+47% above estimated SoMe KPI
+12.000 engagements across platforms

Involved creators

Lasse Vestergaard, Benny_1, Jaxstyle

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CEO of Gonzo Media