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The Great CS:GO Show




Gaming has grown immensely popular over the last few years. Since the entrance of YouTube, gamers have boosted the area among the young demographic and the rise of e-sports has turned gaming from a hobby into an industry.

Therefore, Lenovo wanted to create a campaign with focus on their gaming products and connect the brand to ESL Pro League, where Lenovo was a sponsor. Lenovo’s goal for this campaign was to strengthen their position as a significant player in the gaming community and in the collective minds of young gamers as well as a producer of gaming laptops. It was vital that the campaign activities should provide the target group and gaming community with great value.

Thus, Gonzo Media and Lenovo teamed up in order to develop a concept, which operated within the known parameters of entertainment and gaming influencers but with an innovative and informative arche which should establish Lenovo as a relevant and competent actor in the gaming community.


Lenovo and Gonzo Media set out on a mission: to take gaming to the next level and have Lenovo take on the role as a spokesperson for the experts. So how do you do this? Well, you forget about the product and think about the audience and the relationship you wish to have with them.
From a strategic point of view, it was important for Gonzo Media and Lenovo to make a lasting impression. If you want to sell computers to young millennials, it is essential to build a relationship based on loyalty and trust.
The young generation is driven by brand love. But they also love brands, which understand how to implement gamification in campaigns. We wanted to take advantage of this. Lenovo Gaming was now “mature” enough and with a receptive audience, who would like to “play along”. Implementing gamification would also lead to even greater emotional commitment from the consumers/fans.

We wanted to build a platform to carry gaming content and build a loyalty and trust-based relationship between Lenovo and the gaming and e-sports environment.

Therefore, we created “The Great CS:GO Show” – a Lenovo-powered YouTube livestream gameshow hosted by YouTube influencers with gaming expert guest stars and an high level of audience activation throughout.

As the title of the show suggests, it was centered around all things CS:GO. Each show was carefully planned and the program schedule unfolded a dive into different aspects of CS:GO under the themes “MVP” (Most Valuable Player”, “Maps”, “Weapons” and lastly, a double-hosted liveshow directly from the CS:GO finals at ESL Pro League in Odense. Our gaming experts demonstrated their own skills and showed the audience their best tips and tricks on how to become a great CS:GO player, while the YouTube influencers learned along with the viewers and provided the level of entertainment throughout.

We kept the audience activated via gamification and by the help of different activities and competitions throughout the shows similar to what you are used to seeing in flow-tv formats – they could vote in polls, call in to participate in competitions, provide their own tips and tricks and so on. The four shows were livestreamed once a week – three of the shows leading up to ESL Pro League, while the fourth was the culmination of the campaign live from the finals.

But what was distinctive about these shows was that they did not have a designated hosting platform.
We wanted to see if it was possible to create a show in a classic format and re-create the vibe of flow tv by getting the viewers excited to tune in every week and making them feel like they were part of something exclusive, without actually having to create a channel for it.
Therefore, each of the selected YouTube stars hosted a show on their own YouTube channel, while traffic was driven via their social media profiles, surgically planned pre-roll targeting and Lenovo’s social channels leading the viewers from channel to channel.

Campaign results

+88.000 engagements
+282.000 people reached
+2.000 livestream comments per minute

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Martin Wiinholt
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