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For years the Far Cry-series have been an awaited release among all gaming fans and the fifth round was one of the most awaited, due to the new storyline.

Ubisoft wanted to create hype and excitement for the new game and have the fans to experience the full Far Cry world. Ubisoft also wanted to penetrate the gaming market in the Nordics with this game.

While Ubisoft is no stranger to the gaming community, this new game could attract new fans of the franchise and the world of Far Cry, and thus reached out to Gonzo Media with a task: entering the game in the minds of young nordic gamers.
Similarly, the objective was to make an entertaining and different campaign. Ubisoft is only concerned with reach – in terms of KPIs, and therefore it was a requirement that the campaign activities struck a cord in the gaming world and among the fans.

For Gonzo Media, it was therefore paramount that the campaign activities were equally focused on both new and experienced gamers, people who had never played the game and the hardcore fans of the franchise.

Thus, Gonzo Media and Ubisoft developed a concept, which operated within the known parameters of popular trends among the YouTube gaming influencers – the gameplay – but this time with a huge twist, which would have the viewers in an action packed grip through the videos and campaign.


When the producers of new games contacts YouTube gamers to put focus on the game, they usually just want them to test it, fall in love with it and give their feedback on camera. When Gonzo was approached by Ubisoft with the campaign for Far Cry 5, they wanted something else. Something to disturb the market, to put the right focus on the gameplay, the story and the huge amount of freedom that the player has in the game.

When creating the concept, we came up with one thought – that would haunt the entire process and the final concept: “What if we tell the target group about a new game and never show the actual game?”

Instead of the traditional review by the professional gamer, sitting in the same chair, in the same room, on the same computer and going through the game in the same way like other 100 videos, we wanted to remove the game from the equation and put focus on the gamer and the best content in the world: human reactions to new experiences!
From a strategic point of view, it was important for Gonzo Media and Ubisoft to make a lasting impression. If you want to sell games to millennials, you need to strike a cord with them – not just promote a product.

Games that are remembered will win; everyone else just gets filtered off in the clutter of social media. What makes you remembered today is, increasingly, emotions.
We wanted the target group to identify and relate to the campaign activities. Therefore, it was important that Ubisoft interacted with them at eye level and in a language they know and love. And not least – it needed to be fun and entertaining.

Campaign results

The campaign was highly successful. The videos became really popular and the audience really loved the new way to put focus on a game-release, by placing the gamer – in the game! The total amount of views far exceeded the expectations.

As for the Reach KPIs 748.235, the campaign generated a reach of 816.848 across the campaign elements – an overperformance of +68.613 in reach or 9,17%.

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