Gonzo Media is proud to work for a great variety of clients. We were created to solve a clear and present problem for brands and companies: With the exponential growth of social media platforms people turn away from linear media like TV and print. For our clients, joining forces with Gonzo Media heralds in a new era of transparency. Gonzo Media is more than a talent management – or advertisement agency. An apt comparison is the MTV revolution of the 1990’s. Like MTV at the time, Gonzo Media is in turn facilitator and conduit for new trends as well as a powerful tool for brands to interact with a notoriously hard-to-reach audience.

See what the clients have to say about it :

    Gonzo understand how to combine content with our clients commercial interests

    At InMind we are happy about our cooperation with Gonzo Media. They have an ability to understand how to combine involving content with our clients commercial interests.

    Anne Doulgerof, Co-founder, InMind

    Gonzo is creative like no other

    I'm very pleased with our collaboration with Gonzo Media. They are creative like no other, and the match between our Nerf brand and their influencers has been spot-on.

    Morten Simonsen, Brand Manager, Hasbro

    Always deliver on time and on brief

    We have worked with Gonzo Media on both Danish and Nordic projects. They always deliver on time and on brief - two qualities which are essential for our clients.

    Jesper Lysholdt, Head of MBA, MediaCom

    Gonzo creates high conversion, which equals more sales

    We have collaborated with Gonzo Media on several campaigns. This kind of marketing is interesting because it creates high conversion, which equals more sales.

    Gaute Høgh, Founder, Co+

    Unique oppertunity to tap into a younger demographic

    We've been very excited about the collaboration with both Gonzo and GGfestival. They provide us with a unique opportunity to tap into a younger demographic.

    Morten Ryberg, Marketing Manager, Ubisoft Nordic