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Alexander Husum
With the most popular entertainment channel on Danish YouTube, Alexander Husum is the icon of a generation. A natural entertainer with a talent for elaborate pranks, creative sketches and funny adventures, Alexander Husum provides his followers with a wide array of engaging content across his platforms, constantly strengthening his position as the most popular YouTube entertainer in Denmark – taking home several popularity awards – e.g. "Video Creator of the Year" two years in a row.

Target group

52% are 18-24 years old

29% are 13-17 years old


40% are girls

60% are boys


96% from Denmark

1% from U.S.A

1% from Germany

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Alexander Husum

Selected cases

Client: Danish Safety Technology Authority / Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

Gonzo Media designed a storyline together with two of Denmark’s most popular YouTube stars: Gex and Alexander Husum. But instead of warnings and raised fingers, Gex and Alexander Husum made two videos with a different approach.

Client: Lenovo

Lenovo and Gonzo Media set out to tackle the problem with online bullying among young gamers by pranking five of the most popular Danish gaming YouTube influencers under the heading “Are You Good Enough?” referring as much to gaming skills as to good

Client: Ubisoft

Ubisoft and Gonzo Media wanted to tell the target group about the brand new Far Cry 5 release. The idea was to promote a game, without showing the game – but how do you do that?

Client: Oister

Oister struggled to engage young customers outside of its popular cinema commercials. Therefore, the brand went to Gonzo Media to test influencer marketing. The result was a compelling and engaging vlogging series with YouTube star Alexander Husum.

Client: Lenovo

Lenovo wanted to create a campaign with focus on their gaming products and connect the brand to ESL Pro League.

Thus, Gonzo Media and Lenovo teamed up and created a Lenovo-powered YouTube livestream gameshow hosted by YouTube influencers.

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