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Alexander Siniora
There is a new trendsetter in Danish fashion. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a fashion-forward appearance, Alexander Siniora is an influential young man, who is not only one of the most popular vloggers and streamers, but also an experienced entrepreneur with his own clothing line. He is an inspiration out of the ordinary and repeatedly recognized for his unique sense of style, conveyed in a compelling, down-to-earth manner - making him two-time runner-up in Beauty and Fashion of the Year.

Target group

56% are 18-34 years old

21% area 13-17 years old


35% are girls

65% are boys


98% from Denmark

2% from USA

1% from Thailand

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Alexander Siniora

Selected cases

Client: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola wanted branded relevant entertainment for Danish teens. Gonzo Media delivered media knowledge, 6 hosts, cross-platform marketing, YouTube Analytics, user feedback and content sparring for the successful establishment of CokeTv in Denmark.

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