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Fredrik Trudslev
Fredrik is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational young men on Danish YouTube. His quick wit, funny remarks and comedic timing has made him one of the most popular entertainers, while his sense of style has made him a fashion front-runner. But his infectiously charming personality comes with a layer of maturity beyond his years, making him an inspiring out role-model for young boys and girls all over the country. This also shows in his coming-out announcement winning Video of the Year.

Target group

65% are 18-34 years old

35% are 13-17 years old


86% girls

14% boys


97% from Denmark

2% from Sweden

1% from Norway

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Fredrik Trudslev

Selected cases

Client: Lenovo

A value-adding and emotion-based campaign, based on yoga values; specifically to encourage curiosity and learning from each other. A cross-platform campaign involving influencers, subsite, campaign assets and identity and charity collaboration.

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