Irina Olsen

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Irina Olsen
Irina Olsen is one of Denmark's largest social media personalities, known for her witty remarks, fascinating sense of fashion and her beauty finesse. She considers herself fulltime diva and bosslady – but this powerful woman is also a loving mother and a genuine soul, known and loved for her candid and honest opinions. Born in Ukraine, she is known as one of the most popular personalities in influencer and TV circles in Denmark and constantly ready to take on the world and what it has to offer.


38.9K subscribers

115.5K monthly views


150K visitors

v30 46.5K views

Target group

21% are 13-17 years old
65% are 18-34 years old


75% are girls
25% are boys


94% from Denmark
2% from USA
1% from Germany

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