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Get to known Marckoz even better on his second channel where he will take you through the craziest, freakiest and most hyped trends and videos on the internet, all the while capturing his own, honest reactions. Come behind the scenes and experience Markcoz’s entertaining persona on another level where you can be sure to go further and further down the rabbit-hole filled with laughs, surprises and other revelations.

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31 % are13-17 years

37% are 18- 24 years


85% are boys

15% are girls


97% from Denmark

1% from U.S.A

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Selected cases

Client: Lenovo

Lenovo wanted to create a campaign with focus on their gaming products and connect the brand to ESL Pro League.

Thus, Gonzo Media and Lenovo teamed up and created a Lenovo-powered YouTube livestream gameshow hosted by YouTube influencers.

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