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Robin & Samrita
RobinSamse are two of the most popular children’s entertainers on YouTube in Denmark – but while the main channel is focused around gaming and the adventures of their Minecraft alter-egos, their second channel is all about following Robin and Samrita, as the charming couple laugh their way through funny taste tests, pranks, cool DIYs projects and wonderfully quirky QnAs. Guaranteed family-friendly

Target group

59% are 13-17 years

35% are under the age of 12


56% are boys

44% are girls


99% from Denmark

1% from U.S.A

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Robin & Samrita

Selected cases

Client: Lenovo

Lenovo and Gonzo Media set out to tackle the problem with online bullying among young gamers by pranking five of the most popular Danish gaming YouTube influencers under the heading “Are You Good Enough?” referring as much to gaming skills as to good

Client: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Gonzo Media teamed up with Samrita and utilized her unique drawing skills to do an involving DIY campaign.

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