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Influencer management

Influencer / Creator management

Gonzo Media exclusively represent and develop a number of leading Danish creators/influencers. The portfolio today comprise about 30 top influencers within areas such as Fashion, Gaming, Lifestyle, Entertainment etc.

Gonzo Media provides talent management, professionalization and optimization of revenue streams for the creators incl. on-demand development of new content and video formats, public relations, booking services and coaching.


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Thumb-stopping content

Thumb-stopping content – The Gonzo Media formula

Since 2014, Gonzo Media has developed a unique formula for creating thumb-stopping content and award-winning campaigns. The process always unfolds from insight driven creative concepts (supported by data) which is then extracted to social media platforms in the shape of narrative story arch’s with strong build-in call-to-actions.

Our clients employ these performative stories to enact branding strategies, create awareness or boost sales as the client brief warrants. To successfully achieve results, Gonzo Media deploy a mix of sociological media understanding, technological mastery and superior digital distribution strategies.

Gonzo Media and our creators are on the forefront of developing new content formats. Today and in the future it is crucial to continually develop, explore and invest into new formats – both to keep and to grow market share in a rapidly evolving media environment.


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Digital ad planning

Digital ad planning, distribution and data aggregation

Gonzo Media have a best-in-class media team who are experts in how paid digital media works on the different platforms. Gonzo Media have developed its own processes for planning and executing campaigns ensuring that Gonzo Media deliver a brand-safe environment with high performance.

For example: our average viewability is at impressive +90% (industry standard is 55%).
Furthermore, The team aggregate and interpret data from our platforms which is fed to both the creative team to support insights and into surgical media planning which perform 700% better than traditional media agency planning can achieve.

(sources: 1/head-to-head test in December 2017 between Gonzo Media and a media agency on behalf of a client, 2/ Gonzo Media always outperform Googles benchmarks for click-through-rates on video prerolls).


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